Business Courses in University of Waterloo

by Patel V D

Business Courses in University of Waterloo

In just half a century, the University of Waterloo, located at the heart of Canada’s technology hub, has become a leading comprehensive university with more than 36,000 full- and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Consistently ranked Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo is home to advanced research and teaching in science and engineering, mathematics and computer science, health, environment, arts and social sciences. From quantum computing and nanotechnology to clinical psychology and health sciences research, Waterloo brings ideas and brilliant minds together, inspiring innovations with real impact today and in the future.

As home to the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program, Waterloo embraces its connections to the world and encourages enterprising partnerships in learning, research, and commercialization. With campuses and education centres on four continents, and academic partnerships spanning the globe, Waterloo is shaping the future of the planet.

Why the University of Waterloo


The University of Waterloo has earned its reputation as a world-leading research institution in a wide-range of fields and disciplines, at all levels of study. Built to answer the challenges of a rapidly advancing society, Waterloo is a place where ideas are innovated, tested and proven.

World-changing research is an integral part of learning and connects Waterloo to all corners of the globe. This important work has a direct impact on the way we live, work, play and learn.


Teaching at Waterloo has always been less about delivering knowledge, and more about opening doors to discovery.

From the 20,000-square-foot Student Design Centre in Engineering 5, to undergraduate research fellowships in areas including health promotion, involving students in research starting at the undergraduate level is a teaching priority at Waterloo.

The Centre for Teaching Excellence fosters teaching and learning of the highest quality at Waterloo, supporting the development of instruction by working collaboratively with departments and individuals at all career stages.

Learning at Waterloo is part of a lifelong journey, something students carry with them into the world. Many return to Waterloo for graduate studies, or seek other professional designations.

With our leading co-operative education program, Waterloo pioneered a style of experiential learning that connects students with careers, allowing them to apply ideas developed in a classroom in real-world settings.


Waterloo is an entrepreneurial ecosystem where technological leaders and startup founders share the same goal: to bring innovative and world–changing ideas to the global marketplace.

Hundreds of companies and thousands of student success stories trace their roots to Waterloo’s one–of–a–kind entrepreneurship ecosystem — fuelled by creator–owns intellectual property policy, experience–rich learning in the world’s largest co–operative education program, and a bold, progress–driven culture that embraces innovation and risk.

Community Outreach

The University of Waterloo has a longstanding relationship to our community. At local, regional, provincial and national levels, the University is regarded as an institution with a vast array of expertise and resources that help contribute to a strong and vibrant community.

Waterloo relies on our communities as instrumental to the success of our institution, our students, and our research. Together, this interdependence between the university and community reflects a natural synergy that provides a positive impact on our community.

Our students, faculty and staff are engaged in widespread outreach activity year-round. This includes outreach to our communities of interest and diverse groups of stakeholders including but not limited to youth and families, government, corporate partners, not-for-profit organizations, donors and alumni.

Awards and Honours

University of Waterloo attracts many of the world’s top researchers, students and faculty. Their excellence, and the national and global reputation of this institution is reflected in the hundreds of awards and honours bestowed on the university and its people each year.

Waterloo students consistently outperform those from other leading schools in national and international competitions. They are inspired by top notch instructors, including Nobel and Killam prize winners, and have the opportunity to work with researchers who have made this institution a leader in winning national and international research grants.

Waterloo alumni continue to shine after graduation, winning some of the most recognized and sought-after awards in the world, in arts and entertainment, sports, government service and leadership.

  • Post-Grad Work Permit
  • Programs with Co-op Option
  • Work While Studying
  • Conditional Offer Letter

Business Courses in University of Waterloo:

  1. Double Degree – Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Mathematics (Co-op)
  2. Bachelor of Science – Biotechnology/Economics (Co-op)
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Studies – Environment and Business (Co-op)
  4. Bachelor of Arts – Honours Arts and Business – Economics (Optional Co-op)
  5. Bachelor of Arts – Honours Arts
  6. Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology
  7. Bachelor of Arts – Honours Arts – Economics

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Document for Application:

  1. Passport First & Last Page
  2. Grade 10th Marks Card 
  3. Grade 12th Marks Card 
  4. IELTS TRF Copy
  5. Diploma/Bachelors  Degree marks card, Transcript & Degree Certificate if applying for Master.

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