How to apply for Canada student visa from India ?

by Patel V D

How to apply for Canada student visa from India ?

If you are an Indian citizen and wish to visit Canada as a student, you will need a Canada student visa for this. Here’s a detailed process of visa application.

  1. You can visit Discovery Immigration & Visa in Surat or Apply Online contact us by clicking: Canada student visa
  2. We will assist you to get an acceptance letter from Designated Learning Institutes by doing application in All Major universities and colleges of Canada.
  3. Once you have the acceptance letter, you need to check the DIL to check whether your institution is there or not.
  4. Once you are confirmed that your institution is in the DIL, you need the scanned copies of all the documents desired and a credit card for payment.
  5. In case of an online application, you will be getting a questionnaire on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to establish your eligibility then; you will get a personal checklist code.
  6. These are certain documents every applicant should make sure to get ready.
    1. Acceptance Letter– Letter of the acceptance from the institution you will be joining.
    2. Identity proof– You will need a valid Passport and 2 Passport size photographs.
    3. Proof of Finances– You will need to furnish sufficient proof to show that you have financial resources to continue to study there.
    4. Letter of explanation– You will need this letter to let them know about your future endeavours.
  7. You need to send checklist documents to us and we will prepare your file for the Visa application.
  8. Then, after verifying, you need to apply.
  9. Once your application is received, they may ask for any additional documents owing to your case.
  10. The processing time for your application may vary from case to case. You have to wait for the turnaround time.

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