What is preferred route to get Canada PR if my CRS Score low?

by Dilip Savaliya
While Express Entry CRS are spikes and everyone are looking for options, it is becoming increasingly obvious that studying in Canada “may” soon become the preferred route to get your Canada PR.
If you are reviewing options to come to Canada through the study permit route, it makes sense to check PNP options that give benefit to students and previous work experience in their province as that would mean an advantage when applying for PNP at a later stage.
One such province that heavily favours students is British Columbia.
They have 2 distinct PNP programs that are meant for the students who have studied in the province.


1. Skills Immigration – International Graduate: 
Candidates do not necessarily have an Express Entry profile and therefore this is a great option for people whose IELTS scores are not that high or who can not score the eligibility points for Minimum Eligible Criteria.
The fundamental requirement is that you should have completed study of minimum 8 month program from a public college in British Columbia (BC) in the last 3 years and have a valid job offer from an employer in BC.
Few conditions for the job offer applies. so its a best option for aspirants who just want to complete a minimum 1 year of any diploma study and struggle with IELTS Score.


2. Skills Immigration – International Post Graduate:
It gets better. Under this stream, you do not even need a job offer from an employer in BC. The only requirement is that you have completed a Masters or a PhD degree in an eligible field of education.
So while EE scores are rising, lets keep looking at options that will make it possible to make your Canadian Dreams come true.


Please do refer to the application and program guide for more details on these 2 overlooked programs contact Discovery Immigration & Visa

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